My 3D Mini Me Takes Hold in Chicagoland

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3D Printed Figures Look Just Like You, Your Pet, Your Loved Ones

SCHAUMBURG, IL, September 10, 2018— My 3D Mini Me, a U.S. company that offers customized, high-quality, 3D-printed figures, opened its studio doors today in Schaumburg, IL. The studio uses a total of 89 “surround sight” digital cameras that take 178 pictures in a quarter of second. This generates a 3D image (.gif) of people or pets, and the company’s 3D print partners then use the image to print sculptures in colored sandstone.

Owners Christopher and Julie Strzalka knew they wanted to bring the concept of 3D selfies to the Chicagoland community after they saw this remarkable technology while on vacation in Europe.

“As our kids reached their teen and adult years, Julie and I felt the years were flying by too quickly,” said Mr. Strzalka. “We saw the mini-me figurines in London and thought, ‘Wow! We wish we had these when our kids were growing up! We could have captured so many celebrations and special moments: birthdays, holidays, sporting events, graduations, weddings and more.’”

The Strzalkas were excited to find this technology and artistry available in the United States.

Besides families and pets, the company plans to attract corporate executives, local heroes, such as police and firefighters, business professionals, adult athletes, and bridal couples whose likenesses can grace their wedding cakes. Prices start from $40. Gift and award certificates are available.

“Corporations can present My 3D Mini Me’s at national sales meetings, and schools can put them in their trophy cabinets,” said Mr. Strzalka.

Located in Schaumburg, IL My 3D Mini Me makes customized, high-quality 3D .gif images of people and pets in a fraction of a second. Its 3D print partners are U.S. artists who print the realistic images in colored sandstone. Full-size sculptures are three to 14 inches in height. Busts and half-body figurines are also available in varying sizes. My 3D Mini Me customers receive a unique gift of a “3D selfie” to hold onto life’s special moments. Although this concept is common in Europe and Asia, these 3D sculptures are new to the Chicagoland area. Visit My 3D Mini Me today.



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