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What kind of props work well in a 3D statue?

Most larger props create realistic (and fun!) images. Try bouquets, painted or bedazzled numerals for birthdays, a wrapped present, basketball, soccer ball, a graduation gown, costume or uniform. We may recommend a larger size sculpture to accommodate some poses or finer details.

What kind of props should I avoid in my 3D statue?

Avoid fine details, such as eye glasses, bicycle spokes, golf club shafts and other slim objects. Instead, consider contact lenses or go glasses-free, hold a bicycle helmet in your hands, or stand next to a golf club bag, for example.

How do I know what size to get to show my child growth each year?

Use this table as a guide to create 3D statues that grow with your child’s age.

Child’s Height 3D Statue Height to Order
36 inches or shorter 3 inches
37 to 45 inches 3.25 to 4 inches
46 to 54 inches 4.25 to 5 inches
55 to 64 inches 5.25 to 6 inches
65 to 73 inches 6.25 to 7 inches
74-to 79 inches 7 .25 to 7.5 inches

How big is the photo booth?

It is a round booth about 10 feet in diameter.

How many people or pets can be in the photo booth at one time?

We can accommodate one to four people (or pets) in the surround sight digital booth.

How tall are the 3D statues?

Full-size 3D statues can be purchased in sizes from 3 inches to 14 inches tall. Half-body styles and busts are also available.

Are there any colors or patterns I should avoid?

Consider bold, solid colors, and cotton fabrics. Transparent or shiny fabrics may not render well with the 3D cameras. Avoid tights.

How long does my dog, cat, or child need to sit still?

One-fourth of a second. Believe it or not, this can prove challenging for some. We’ve found that well exercised dogs and well-rested children do best. Consider bringing a treat to reward your pet. High energy pets may take longer to acclimate to the studio environment. A favorite toy may comfort a small child—and make an adorable 3D statue.

How much time should I allow for an appointment?

Please come 10-15 minutes early, so you have time to relax and change if necessary.

How long does it take to get my 3D statue?

If you order at the time your image is taken, you will have your 3D sculpture within three weeks.

Do you offer gift certificates or special deals?

Yes, we have special offers. We also offer gift certificates, award certificates, and can give 10% of our sales to your participating league. Call us for details.

Do 3D sculptures made of sandstone last?

Yes, sandstone can print in vibrant colors. Like any 3D figurine, our 3D sculptures are fragile and not considered toys. With reasonable care, they will last for years to come.

How do I care for My 3D Mini Me?

Treat Your Mini Me sculpture like a work of art! It is not a toy. Handle it with care as you would any fragile art object or figurine. Keep dry. Avoid sunlight. Dust with a clean, dry cloth or feather duster. Display it proudly. Place in groupings of other My 3D Mini Me’s.