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Getting your 3D Mini Me is a lot more fun than placing an order online. It’s an experience.

Dinner and a movie? Again? Why not try dinner and a date night at our studio? Bring your friends. Or make it a family outing. A team or troop event. Or an afternoon out of the office.

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Book an Appointment

Call or use our online tool to schedule your exclusive studio time slot. We can occasionally take walk-ins, but we prefer to set aside time we can devote especially to you and/or your loved ones.

Plan three weeks ahead to be sure you have your 3D Mini Me’s when you need them.


Prepare for the 3D Mini Me Experience

You can come in your formal wear, costume, uniform or your everyday clothes. Consider bringing a treat or toy to reward pets. Bring good-size props that render well in 3D.


Experience Your 3D Glamor Shots

When you come to our studio, we’ll make you feel right at home. Enter our 10-foot diameter, circular, photo booth. Relax. Pose. Our 89,3D digital “surround sight” cameras will take your image in just one-fourth of a second. We can capture up to four people or pets (or a combination) at a time. You can try a variety of poses. We generally recommend two to three poses depending on the size of your group.




Review your 3D images

You’ll get your 3D .gif files sent right to your personal email. Choose which image or images you want made into vibrant, lifelike 3D Mini Me’s and the size and style of 3D sculptures that fit your needs.


Artists at Work

Allow three weeks for our 3D artists to print in sandstone, and ship your beautiful, vibrant 3D sculpture. You can choose to ship your 3D Mini Me to our studio, your home, or your office. Whatever works best for you.


Hold onto the Moment

Unwrap your 3D Mini Me and hold onto the joy of that important (or everyday) moment for the rest of your life.

Schedule your studio appointment today.